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How Much Do We Know About Water And Its Role In Health ?

How Much Do We Know About Water And Its Role In Health ?

Water is the essential element to all beings. Some would say food is at the first place, but you can survive a few days without food, but not without water. We claim we know a lot about water, but actually, how much do we really know? If you are not certain about some things about water, keep reading the article.

Do we know how to drink water?

70% of or body is made of water; that’s why water is so important to our health, and it is a vital element for our survival. The way we drink water can seriously affect our life and jeopardize our health. Most of us use our feeling of thirst to satisfy our daily intake of water, but is that enough?

Daily dose

By the expert’s opinion, six to eight glasses are sufficient daily intake of water, and it also has great benefits to our health. It improves our concentration, raises the level of energy, stops a headache and detoxifies the whole body.

Too much water

Doctors say that excessive intake is often connected with sweating conditions. All patients who have sweating problems usually drink the larger amount of water, and that only worsens the condition, which a small number of them knows. If you drink too much water then you need, the body will try to throw out the excess through the sweat.

How should you drink water?

First of all, sit down and drink water, take small sips and don’t drink the whole glass at once. Drink it during all day, if you take too much, your body won’t absorb it, the fluid will pass through you. The temperature of the water should be room; it’s always better to drink it warmer because iced water only shuts down your digestion. If you drink water while you are eating, remember this rule, 50% of your stomach should be food, 25% water, and 25% space because you will need it for the digestion process.

How much fluid do we need per day?

Daily intake of water should be 2l. We need water so that our kidneys could function normally, and so we wouldn’t dehydrate, but the water isn’t the only fluid we should drink. Even though we should avoid alcohol and juices that are full of sugar, we should drink other types of fluids. Research conducted in Switzerland showed that daily amount of water should be 2,5 l and 500ml should come from vegetables and fruits we intake during the day.

How do we know we took enough water?

This all depends on various factors, for example, your body weight, the environment you live in, as well as climate conditions. If your body weight is larger and you are more physically active, you will need more water.

Is it possible to get poisoned from the water?

Only one case has been recorded in 2008. A woman was on a strict diet and in the short amount of time, she drank four liters of water and died after that. Her kidneys didn’t manage to throw out that much of water.

Water is good for our heath in recommended dose

Water has a lot of beneficial effects on our health and most important, it purifies our all body. It cleans our stomach, bowels, and skin.

Don’t neglect your thirst

It is important to listen to our body and to hear its signals. If you are thirsty, drink water, but don’t exaggerate because you will only make things worse.

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