Obesity Can Seriously Ruin Your Health

Obesity is a serious problem in our society, although it doesn’t look like that at first look. The problem of obesity is more complex than we think, but it can be solved or at least lowered if we know a few essential things.

How obesity affects your health?

We all know how obesity can become a big of a problem and still, we can’t stop eating. We aren’t physically active enough, we don’t use healthy groceries and when our health is damaged we try to find the solution, but usually it is late.

What causes us the problem with weight?

Obesity is a pretty common condition, and there is no person in the world who haven’t had problems with weight. The modern type of life and physical inactivity are the main causes. We spend our time sitting, in front of computers and TVs. We use cars to go to the store, and our diet is full of fast food and snacks. The lack of time has contributed to all of this; we have come to the point where we don’t have time for the basic needs.

Physical inactivity equals death

Physical activity is one of the leading criteria how experts evaluate the health of the person. On the other hand, physical inactivity is the fourth leading factor of overall death in the world. Due to a physical inactivity, yearly dies 3.2 million of the people in the world. That is why The World Health Organization recommends at least 30 minutes of mild physical activity every day.

Awareness of the food should be bigger

We shouldn’t be shocked when we hear some facts that are becoming more and more depriving. Number one fact, we don’t use healthy food, we rarely eat vegetables and fruit and sugar is all around us. The way we feed our body is a direct result of our present condition. We feel tired, even though we slept enough, we have a lack of energy, even though we don’t have some issues, we have become depressed and fat, and the food we consume is the only cause.

Body Mass Index is an adequate measure

BMI is widely accepted as a parameter of estimation of the nutritional status. You can simply calculate it by dividing the body weight expressed in kilos and square of height expressed in meters. The World Health Organization classifies normal BMI between 18,5 and 24,9kg/m2.

Does obesity endanger our health?

Multiple studies have shown that overweight can shorten our life and can cause the development of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Results have shown that people who are overweight live eight years shorter than people who have regular weight.

How should we start losing weight?

The most important thing is that you a have will and that you are willing to make a change. Start slowly because for results to come it needs time.

Change your diet and incorporate physical activity. Find the workout that is best based on your needs. Even if it’s a light walk, make it happen and don’t postpone it because your health is at stake here.

What benefits exercise brings you?

The workout will kill the sleepiness and it will stronger your immunity. People who are physically active at least two times a week are likely to suffer from colds. Physical activity helps you throughout toxins from the body and provides you better sleep.

When should you start?
If you can, start immediately. It doesn’t matter if you are skinny or overweight, physical activity is recommended for everyone.